Nano SE PhD Curriculum

The Nano SE PhD program builds on traditional science and engineering disciplines, and offers a "core" curriculum which introduces students from varying science and engineering backgrounds to contemporary topics in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Students are expected to obtain graduate level training equivalent to an MS degree, designated as the "program major emphasis". Students entering the program with an MS may apply up to 24 transfer credits towards fullfilling the program major emphasis requirements. More information is available in the Nano SE PhD Program Handbook at the bottom of the page.

Nano Core CoursesCredits
NANO 701 Nano Materials3
NANO 702 Theory and Applications of Nanomaterials3
NANO 703 Characterization of Nano Materials4
NANO 890 Seminar3
Total NANO Core Credits13
Additional Courses
Program Major Emphasis27-37
Total Additional Credits27-37
Dissertation Research
NANO 89830-40
Total Credits Required for PhD80