Gold nanoparticles used in low thermal expansion
nano-composite materials.

Rare-earth doped upconverting nano-particles
used in photodynamic therapy.


Examples of active research areas in the Nano SE PhD program are: synthesis and characterization of nanocomposite materials, photo-activated nano-inks for direct write applications, nano-energetic materials, polymer chemistry, theory of spintronic devices, high resolution electron microscopy, and nano-scale spectroscopy utilizing the near-fields of ultrafast lasers. The program has ties with the School of Mines' Composities and Polymer Engineering Laboratory (CAPE) , a nanotechnology center with a focus on development of advanced nanocomposite materials, as well as ties to the State of South Dakota NSF-EPSCoR research cluster based on photo-activated nanoscale systems (PANS), and the NSF-funded IGERT program between USD, SDSU and SDSM&T, based on photovoltaic materials and device processing. A partial list of currently funded research programs and email links to the faculty involved is reproduced below.

Partial List of Funded Research Projects

  • Development of an Advanced Photovoltaic Materials Research Cluster in South Dakota (NASA,
    Smith, Ahrenkiel, Zhu).
  • Imaging Cellulose - Carbohydrate Binding Module Interactions with Nanometer Resolution Using
    Single Molecule Methods (NSF, Smith).
  • Study of Local Electronic and Optical Characteristics of Solar Cells (EU-Czech Ministry of Science, Smith).
  • Flexible Electronics for Space Applications: Development of New Materials and Device Processing
    Technologies (NASA, Zhu, Smith, Ahrenkiel, Yang).
  • Combinatorial Research for Glass Coatings (Gaurdian Glass Corp., Ahrenkiel).
  • Lattice-Mismatched III-V Epilayers for High-Efficiency Photovoltaics (DOE, Ahrenkiel).
  • The South Dakota Catalysis Group (SDCG) for Alternative Energy (DOE, Ahrenkiel, Fong).
  • Ordered Arrays of Uniformly Sized Quantum Dots for High Efficiency Solar Cells (NSF, Yang).
  • Structural Thermal Composites for Space Habitats (NASA, Salem, Cross).

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