Shared Facilities

The Nano-Biophotonics Laboratory is a shared bio-imaging facility used by NSNE faculty and collaborators through BioSNTR consisting of a cell culture facility, bio-tech prep area and fluorescence imaging equipment described in more detail below.

Nano-Biophotonics Laboratory

Cell Culture Facility: 400 sq. ft. room equipped with Class IIA biosafety cabinet, tissue culture microscope, water baths and 2 CO2 incubators. DNA and protein electrophoresis equipment, prep-centrifuge, two microcentrifuges, speed vac, lyophilizer, a chemical fume hood, thermocycler, refrigerator, -20°C freezer, -80°C freezer, Lonza 4D-Nucleofector, inverted fluorescence microscope and standard molecular biology equipment.

Live Cell Imaging: 900 ft2 laser lab with overhead central shelving for electronics and specialized ventilation for temperature and dust control. Picoquant Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope (FLIM) system based on an Olympus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope (Figure a), four high repetition pulsed lasers (456nm, 480 nm, 532nm, and 633nm) and dual channel fast avalanche photodiode time-resolved detectors from Picoquant (Picoquant Gmb, Berlin, Germany) coupled to a time correlated single photon counting system, housed on a 5'x10' optical table. Oblique selective plane illumination microscope (ASI Inc) (Figure b) with 405, 451, 562, 650nm fiber coupled laser sources and multi-colored LED illuminators on second a 5'x10' optical table.

Figure: (a) Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) system, (b) oblique selective plane illumination microscope system, (inset): dipping objective used for detection of fluorescence from (green) light sheet excitation.